Journii Walker is a melodic messenger with an angelic voice. She uses her music and voice to spread love and light and is on a mission to heal, unite, and illuminate the world with words and melodies. Industry greats have been quoted as describing Journii’s music as heartfelt, soulful and Grammy worthy. In 2009 Journii’s assent to notoriety move her to Los Angeles, California after receiving a scholarship to attend the Musicians Institute. It was there that Journii met Grammy Award winning record producer and audio engineer Darryl Swann (noted for his work with Macy Grey, Rick Rubin, Black Eyed Peas, and Red Hot Chili Peppers among others) who took her under his wing and assisted in furthering the development of her craft.

Her enormous talent and active potential did not render her immune to the tricky side of the music business, but it empowered her to navigate through it with style. In 2012, after walking away from a record deal, Journii opened her own entertainment company, Journii Walker Music and released her debut single “Scared” independently, which garnered an impressive social media following and led to her being approached about a publishing deal by former  Def Jam Senior Vice President of A&R Max Gousse, who deemed Journii “ the future of music.” She has consistently shown that she has the talent, heart, and drive to simply not be stopped; a fact further driven home when Alic “Paco” Walls from the Grammy nominated and Stellar Award winning Gospel group “The Walls Group” and 2x Grammy nominated songwriter (and indie artist) Kenyon Dixon took it upon themselves to do their own cover of Journii’s song “Scared.”

She is also very passionate about entrepreneurship. In addition to being the Founder and Ceo of Journii Walker, LLC  Journii Walker Music and Walker Credit Solutions. she is also Co-owner, Co-Founder and C.E.O of Ra Roots, a holistic wellness and cold pressed juice company based in Dallas Tx and Co-owner and Chief Financial & Operations Officer of Ketubah Kloset based in Missouri. For over 10 years she has help free, protect and educate entrepreneurs, creative geniuses and forward thinkers, all while teaching them how to turn their dreams into reality strategically. Journii is an artist advocate and business consultant who is called on by many start up companies, and corporations to assist them with task such as: creative writing, songwriting, website design, business administration, accounting, music management, contract negotiation, credit restoration and more. 

Journii’s educational background includes  training from Full Sail University with an emphasis in music business & music production, training from Musicians Institute with an emphasis in commercial voice performance, training from Richland College with an emphasis in classical voice performance and accounting, and training from Western Governors University with an emphasis in Accounting. She is currently working toward her Certified Public Accounting License. 

As a classically trained singer, songwriting, producer, and multi-instrumentalist she’s worked with and  sharing the stage with some of musics most dynamic singers, songwriters, musicians and producers including, Grammy Award winning record producer, songwriter and audio engineer Darryl Swann, The Emotions, Cam Wallace (Producer/Songwriter for Beyonce/Sevyn Streeter), Ben Spivak (basses/member of the Canadian band Magic!), Rhona Bennet (En Vogue), Maxee Maxwell (Brownstone), Monte Neuble ( Frank Ocean) Carla Carter ( Jim Jam & Terry Lewis, Usher, Janet Jackson) and many more.


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Journii Walker LLC is a management consulting firm that helps you improve your work environment, performance, and accounting and business plans. I provide business consulting to help you with business solutions. My business planning sessions are provided over the phone in 30-minute increments where I utilize one-to-one consultations so that you can pick my brain to brainstorm new products, discuss businesses, and generate creative ideas. It is my mission to provide reliable business and financial solutions that help businesses reach there greatest potential.


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I am an experienced business accountant that provides solutions to improve businesses including bookkeeping, accounting, credit repair and financial advisement. As a financial consultant, I know how difficult it can be for businesses to navigate the world of accounting, so I provide personalized services tailored to your specific needs to get you the relevant information that you need. You can also count on me to find you the best pathways for your company's financial health with business planning and strategies that will assist your business in making appropriate financial decisions.

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My expertise lies in solving problems and in assisting musicians and music companies make sound business decisions. As your premier music adviser at Journii Walker LLC, I can help you to gain more insight and clarity on the music business. I have worked with various record labels, production houses, producers, songwriters, and publishing companies. From Los Angeles, all the way to Atlanta. My advice is available to you over the phone in 30-minute sessions and you will be provided with a recording of our conversations for later review. At the end of every consultation, you will receive an action sheet with recommendations for your next steps and business planning ideas. 

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