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Journii Walker is a melodic messenger who uses her music and voice to to heal,  empower, unite, and illuminate the world. Industry greats have endorsed her singing, songwriting, and music production as “grammy worthy, timeless and iconic.” Her musical gifts has opened the door for her to work with some of music’s most dynamic and award winning musicians, artists, songwriters, producers, and record executives but

Journii is far more than just a musician. She is a business owner, accountant, certified credit consultant, and music and business advisor who is called on to manage and advise many small businesses, corporations, well known public figures, and rising and well known music superstars.


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Journii Walker LLC is a management consulting firm that helps you improve your work environment, performance, and accounting and business plans. I provide business consulting to help you with business solutions. My business planning sessions are provided over the phone. I utilize one-to-one consultations so that you can pick my brain to brainstorm new products, discuss businesses, and generate creative ideas. It is my mission to provide reliable business and financial solutions that help businesses reach there greatest potential.


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I am an experienced business accountant that provides solutions to improve businesses including bookkeeping, accounting, credit repair and financial advisement. As a financial consultant, I know how difficult it can be for businesses to navigate the world of accounting, so I provide personalized services tailored to your specific needs to get you the relevant information that you need. You can also count on me to find you the best pathways for your company's financial health with business planning and strategies that will assist your business in making appropriate financial decisions.

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My expertise lies in solving problems and in assisting musicians and music companies make sound business decisions. As your premier music adviser at Journii Walker LLC, I can help you to gain more insight and clarity on the music business. I have worked with various record labels, production houses, producers, songwriters, and publishing companies. From Los Angeles, all the way to Atlanta. My advice is available to you over the phone in 30-minute sessions and you will be provided with a recording of our conversations for later review. At the end of every consultation, you will receive an action sheet with recommendations for your next steps and business planning ideas. 

Some of the brands I'Ve worked with: