Who is Journii Walker?

Get to know Journii Walker through the eyes of some of the people who love her the most!

TOBE NWIGWE | Recording Artist & Edutainer 

"I love Journii Walker, she’s one of most caring, loyal, and tenacious people that I’ve ever worked with. In addition to being an phenomenal businesswoman, she is also a phenomenal singer, songwriter and producer. I called on Journii to assist me with the management of my career. I don’t know where I would be without her. She worked around the clock to assist me with the negotiation of my record deal, in addition to assisting with the creation of my website and so many other creative and business tasks. I can always count on her to there for me whenever I need her. If you want someone that understands the creative and business side of music, Journii Walker is who you should call. She will push to make sure that you are protected and get exactly what you deserve!"

-Tobe Nwigwe


Wyann Vaughn | 2x Grammy Nominated Singer- Songwriter & Edutainer

Journii runs several businesses successfully. In the interim of all that, she found time to assist me in my business endeavors in the areas of consulting and website design. Thanks to the quality work that is Journii's standard, I have been able to take my entrepreneurial efforts to the next level. I can't think of one thing Journii couldn't do.

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PORSCHE SMITH | International Recording Artist | Singer| Songwriter

"There's my lawyer and then there's Journii. Not only does she have book knowledge on the music industry and business law, she also has experiential knowledge, having been an artist herself. Journii counsels and consults with depth, precision and most importantly, care. You always feel (and know) you're in good hands. By far the BEST in entertainment consulting - a pure, rare gem!"


"Journii not only is she an amazing artist/musician in her own right, but she has a TON of knowledge about music & business. I've gotten advice on marketing, branding and music publishing and she's exceeded my expectations every time! She’s amazing to work with and most of all, one of the most amazing humans I’ve ever met! I’m blessed to know her. "

Darryl Swann

DARRYL SWANN| Grammy Award Winning- Producer, Songwriter, & Engineer| 

"I've known Journii Walker for years, feels like forever. She is an amazing and gifted singer and songwriter that I believe in 100%. She writes Roberta Flack quality timeless songs. Her style is so unique and is going to touch very many people. She will have a long successful career. Trust me!"

-Darryl Swann


BRUCE HAWES | Grammy Nominated- Songwriter, Producer, & Composer| 

"It has been a long time since I have met or heard such a 'she was born to be a star and complete artist' such as Journii Walker. She is a natural! She is a master of her artistic craft at such a young age. Not only is she a musician, extraordinary vocalist, songwriter, and producer, she is extremely business savvy and college educated. She performs effortlessly and beautiful in every way. Her voice mesmerizes and hypnotizes her audience. Her song 'Scared' is a Grammy Award level song and vocal. Journii is unlike any other artist that I've heard in 40 years. She is a star who is so endorsed by me. Journii Walker will shine for a very long time." 

-Bruce Hawes 

Bruce Hawes


RHONA BENNETT| Vocalist, Grammy Nominated, En Vogue| 

"I can remember when I first heard Journii's music, and being taken aback by how talented she is. Her voice is smooth as butter, with an angelic vocal tone. Her songwriting is thought-provoking, beautifully melodic, and soothing to the spirit. Now I've gotten the added bonus of getting to know the dynamic soul behind the talent. It has been such a pleasure peeling back Journii's onion, and discovering even more things to appreciate about her. Thank you for sharing part of your awesome " Journii" with me..."

-Rhona Bennett (Miss R&B)

CY JACKSON| Singer & Songwriter| 

" Journii Walker is the reason why I am the songwriter that I am today. About 8 years ago, my first time in the studio when I was working to find my identity as an artist and songwriter, she sat down with me and helped me format my first song. Journii gave me knowledge on how to write a song and how to clearly express my thoughts so that my music would resonate with other listeners. Over the years I have accomplished great things because of Journii, because she took the time out to coach and mentor me, which is something that most people do not do. Journii is a phenomenal songwriter, gifted singer and an overall great person. She is sweet, kind, and God sent. I love her so much. She helped me build the confidence that I needed as an artist and songwriter. She is a light and the world is blessed to have her."

-Cy Jackson 



JENNI LOVETTE  |Jewelry Designer- Jennilovett.com| 

"Journii is truly a gem. In our session, I learned so much more about myself as well as my business. She even gave me "homework" to make sure that I put my ideas into action. I loved it because I needed that extra push to keep me on track. She made all of the difficult topics such as business plans, financial budgets, & overall discipline easier to manage. I would still be in a stagnant place had it not been for her loving expertise. My business is my passion and her work matches that passion. Being a small business owner, I'm very reluctant when it comes to my money, but her prices fit right into my budget and she wowed me with her knowledge about my products. My session was so worth it. I would surely recommend anyone to contact Journii if they are looking for motivation, startup help or help taking their business to the next level. Thank you SO much Journii!"

-Jenni Lovette


THELONIUS KRYPTONITE| Hip Hop Artist, Philanthropist & Educator|

“Journii Walker is an extremely gifted artist with skilled ability to intersect her technique writing skills by providing inspiration to the soul and creating music you can feel. A passionate visionary who built a compelling brand that matches everything her music and soul stands for. Journii’s artistry as a songwriter and musician speak volumes to the believers of love, joy, and peace. She has given me marketing, business, and music advice that I’ve successfully been able to benefit from” 


Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 8.59.02 AM.png

"As an entrepreneur, completing a business plan can at times be challenging because entrepreneurs can lack financial expertise due to budgetary constraints. At an affordable rate, Journii Walker provided my business with financial expertise to assist in creating a budget, streamline processes and placement of allocated funds to insure my company runs smoothly. Even more impressive is that she is very knowledgeable and truly took time to understand my business and proactively both recommended and implemented improvements in areas that add value. As an entrepreneur, I am very impressed and highly recommend Journii Walker to assist your company with business plan, business license, and financial expertise needs among many other services she offers."

-Tiffany Kelly

ALEXIS SHELTON | Singer & Songwriter| 

Working with Journii Walker has helped me tremendously. Journii has taught me not only how to thrive as an indie artist and songwriter but also how to handle my music business so that I'm always protected and compensated fairly. Things that I didn't know before working with Journii about music and business, I now know and understand because of her. There aren't many people that I trust to assist with my career and business affairs but I trust Journii Walker and her company Journii Walker Music 100%

-Alexis Shelton

Cynthia Miller |Owner & Director of The Corner Preschool|

"In 2014 Journii became the music director and art teacher for my school, The Corner Preschool. Journii by far exceeded my expectations. She worked with children ages 1- 12 years old. She rehearsed the children, taught them music, dances, and oversaw the entire program. Journii’s hard work and dedication resulted in a beautiful Christmas program; It was truly the best Christmas program that The Corner Preschool has ever had. In addition to putting together a great Christmas program, Journii was also hands on with creating art activities for our students. She also worked with our after school program, assisting students with homework, and helped plan events and parties for the school as well. There’s nothing Journii Walker can’t do. She is an extremely talented woman with a beautiful soul.”

-Cynthia Miller 

King Robinson Jr. | Professional Drummer & DJ|

“Journii is first and foremost a great person inside and out. She’s a very talented individual who uses her knowledge in many areas of music and business. Journii has helped with my music business affairs on numerous occasions and I always benefit from her advice and help. Journii is also a very talented singer, songwriter, and musician who continues to work hard to bring timeless music to the world. She has written and worked for and with many many acclaimed musicians and producers as well as artists. I’m thank to have known Journii for quite sometime. I love her and her spirit.” 

-King Robinson Jr. 

Kimberly Lyles | Singer, Songwriter, & Entrepreneur|

"Journii Walker has her stuff together! You can hear the determination and drive in her voice. She doesn't play yet she is patient at the same time, an awkward but valuable and admirable character trait. If you intend on getting to the next level and then the next and then another one after that, go with Journii!"

-Kim Lyles 

 Bo Dean| Hip Hop Artist & Educator|

“ Journii has been very helpful in my career so far. She has always been a person that I could go to for advice on making certain decisions about important situations dealing with my career. She is caring and tells it like it is, no sugar coating with her. She has been a great person to go to for guidance and I recommend that anyone that is on the come up like me have someone like Journii in their corner for advice and guidance. She wants to see everyone succeed. Much love Journii and thank you for all that you do."

-Bo Dean


Bianca Robinson | CEO of Cayden Cay Consulting


“ Journii is the AMAZING!  I contracted Journii to help me with launching one of my many business ventures and programs, without Journii’s help I know I wouldn’t have been able to successfully launch my new business venture and program. She did everything, all I did was show up and talk. She’s very professional, patient, and knowledgable. If you want your business to be successful, GET JOURNII WALKER!” 

-Bianca Robinson